Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management
Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management

What are the Benefits of PPC Advertising?

Pay per click advertising puts you in charge of the budget. You choose how much you want to spend per day. An internet marketing company places targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Google search results. Better yet, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

PPC advertising offers the best way to control the overall costs of paid advertising strategies. The management system allows brands to make daily changes if necessary to this area of your budget. Additionally, pay per click ads are a proven marketing tool for driving internet sales. 

Why is PPC Advertising Essential for your Business?

There are several ways to advertise your business online. A great marketing strategy uses paid and organic advertising techniques. SEO offers organic or natural results based on targeted search terms. 

PPC advertising complements SEO services. It's also an excellent way to control advertising costs. Similar to your website's performance tracking, you can see PPC ad results in real-time, allowing quick changes that can redirect funds to better-performing advertisements and boost traffic and leads. 

Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management
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Keywords Planner

Set Up a Budget

Track The Leads

Finding ranking keywords for your site or a competitors site

Choosing the keywords and checking the volume of them

Setting up the budget that will bring a business new costumers

Optimizing the keywords by changing the bids, adding negative keywords etc. 

How can Targetiva Help your Business with PPC Advertising?

At Targetiva, our graphic design experts create ads tailored to your brand's needs. The target ads consider your client's average age range, gender, location, education, and other metrics to narrow down results. For example, companies targeting customers in the United States won't get anywhere without specifying that parameter. 

Our digital marketing agency also offers pay per click management to track results and measure performance. Our marketing specialists can tweak settings and develop new ads to meet more specific targets based on responses. In addition, multiple ad options designed to target different audiences can be more effective at bringing in a diverse customer base.

Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management
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How to advertise on Google  

  • Open an account

  • Set your budget

  • Mark your location

  • Choose your network

  • Select your keywords

  • Enter your bid

  • Write your ad’s content

  • Structure your campaign

  • Adjust for mobile

  • Analyze your performance

What our clients say

Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management

Dominica Foster

Targetiva helped us to increase online conversion rates from 6-7% to 18-20%. The team combined best-in-class services with a professional, polite, and friendly attitude. They consistently offered comprehensive access to the entire team, including the owner.

Los Angeles Pay Per Click Management

Olivia Tompson

The number of visitors, as well as the amount of sales leads and revenue, have increased markedly since Targetiva was first engaged. Their digital expertise and understanding of marketing technologies justify the investment and make them a valuable partner.

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